The charcoal tissue mask helps detoxify and purify your skin while refreshes and conforts, leaving the skin cleaner, softer and brighter, just in 15 minutes. 

The cleansing nose strips will help you remove blackheads and skin impurities, leaving the skin cleaner and feeling softer.

Detoxifying Pamper Pack

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  • Nose Strips; 

    1. Moisten the nose area.

    2. Separate the nose strip from the protective plastic and apply on your clean, wet nose.

    3. Leave it to dry (between 15-20 minutes).

    4. Remove carefully when stiff.

    For better results use lotion to eliminate any residue and close the pores.


    Tissue Mask; 

    1. Unfold the mask.

    2. Place it over clean face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

    3. Remove the mask and provide a gentle massage until the final absorption of the serum.

    No need to rinse.